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You can help your young people to seek adventure, appreciate the outdoors and step beyond their comfort zone.

THERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES to volunteer with Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, as well as support ‘behind the scenes’.

No Scouting experience is necessary.

Your time, skills and expertise can help in so many ways from Board experience, project work,  delivering activities …  everything from admin to communications.

As well as directly supporting young people, if you’d prefer.

We all want young people to have the chance to dream big, be adventurous and develop skills for life.

And it’s not just the young people who benefit from Scouts.

Volunteering is good for boosting your wellbeing, employability, making new friends and building memories.

Whether you can support young people face to face, from the sidelines or behind the scenes – you are very welcome to join us.

Be an enabler and do a good thing. Make a difference, put your skills to good use and play an active role in your community.


We have flexible volunteering roles to suit you. 

Whether you have loads of free time or can only spare an hour a month – there’s something that you can do to help.

Whether you can come to meetings or need to volunteer remotely – there’s something you can do to help

Whether you would like to work with young people, with stuff, or work with admin – there’s something you can do to help.

So why not get in touch and one of our friendly volunteers will arrange to have a no-obligation chat about how you can join the team. By filling out this form you are not committing  to anything other than finding out more. 

Scouting is organised into families called Groups, and most Groups have Beaver Colonies for ages 6 to 8, Cub Packs for ages 8 to 10.5 and Scout Troops for ages 10.5 to 14.

Some Groups have Squirrel Dreys for ages 4 to 6. We also have  Explorer Units for ages 14 to 18, and these exist outside of the Group structure.

Groups are usually known by their number (e.g. 21st) and are also frequently known by their location (e.g. South Queensferry). 

Craigalmond District covers the geographical area of Corstorphine, Carrick Knowe, Craigsbank, East Craigs, Saughton, Clermiston, Cramond, Blackhall, Comely Bank, Granton, Davidson’s Mains, Craigleith, Kirkliston, and South Queensferry.