Final - updated 20/6/2024

This webpage contains information for volunteers who are helping to run the Scout Bike Transport Service and the Freshstart Cafe for Ride To The Sun 2024

IMPORTANT – All volunteers helping on Saturday 22nd at Tesco, or travelling to Carlisle should attend an important briefing at 12.15 in the rear Tesco carpark.

Please also use the times given in the rota circulated to all volunteers if they are different to this webpage.

General Information for all volunteers

We are expecting 250 cyclists and their bikes between 12 noon and 4pm in the rear car park at Tesco Davidson Mains on Saturday afternoon, around 700+ customers for the café, and another 50 cyclists and bikes to transport on Sunday morning. The forecast is for dry weather on Saturday and people are really looking forward to the cycle and are in a great mood.

We are here to help them and take care of their bikes. We have great feedback from previous years on what a professional, helpful and friendly service it was – so let’s continue and improve what is a very important fundraising opportunity which shows Scouts at its best!

The Ride To The Sun Website – find out what our customers are doing

  • All members of the Scouts ( adults and young people) are asked to wear neckers and Unit hoodies or uniforms
  • Wear Hi Viz jackets when asked to do so – as some roles are based in car parks where vehicles are moving.
  • Check the weather forecast and bring waterproofs/hat/sun cream/water bottle ready as needed as you may be outside for long periods
  • If you are on duty at the Tesco carpark on Saturday or at Carlisle check-in at the team brief at 12.15 sharp
  • Read the Safety section carefully – look after yourself, the rest of the team, our customers, and the public. The loading area will be busy with 250+ people, 3 HGV’s, and 5 coaches and members of the public passing through.
  • There are named individuals in charge at each location listed under emergency contacts. Please contact them for help or if you are concerned about anything.
  • See our public website and the check-in details for what we do for our customers – it is worth a quick browse so you know broadly what is happening.
  • If you are an adult read the  Safeguarding Yellow Card to be aware of how to protect yourself and young people taking part from harm.
  • Email any questions to

Fresh Start Café


The Hall must be completed empty, cleaned and all tables, seating restored to how we found it by Sunday 7am – ready for Kirk Services on Sunday

The local charity Freshstart organise a café in Cramond Kirk Hall where cyclists can get indoors, warm-up, and have a hot snack and drink.  The proceeds support the charity who help homeless people to make a home for themselves in our local communities.

The Scout transport team help to run the café alongside volunteers from Freshstart as a way of contributing to our local community as well as raising funds for Scouting, and to provide riders who support us with refreshments and shelter at the end of a 100 mile cycle ride.

The Café Team Leader is Cameron Watson 

He will be wearing a blue Freshstart Tee shirt, and will be at the Kirk Hall from Saturday 8pm – Sunday 7am. 

If you need help or to make others aware of something contact your nearest Scout Leader/Volunteer or  Cameron

Remember good hygiene practices should be followed by everyone involved in food or drink preparation, serving and clear-up

If you go to the toilet, you mus wash your hands thoroughly before returning to duty.

All members of the Scouts ( adults and young people) are asked to wear neckers and Unit hoodies or uniforms

Tesco Carpark Setup & Signage     
Get Carpark Cones & Tape     
    Sat 22 07:00Sat 22 09:00
Bubblewrap Kit Prep     
   During week before – 2 hrs  
   During week before – 2 hrs  
Tesco Carpark Setup & Signage     
    Sat 22 07:00Sat 22 09:00
Event Leader     
   Event LeaderSat 22 12:00Sat 22 16:00
Car Parking Marshalls     
Front Car Park   Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
Back Car Park   Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
Reception ( Direct To Bubble Wrap and Bike Queue)     
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
Bike Loading Queue/Tickets     
   Bike Queue ManagerSat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
Bubblewrap and tidyup (remove signage, clear carpark, collect rubbish )     
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
Bike Loading     
Lorry 1     
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
    Sat 22  12:30Sat 22 15:30
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 15:30
Lorry 2     
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
    Sat 22 12:30Sat 22 16:00
Lorry 3     
Saturday – Carlisle Bike Unloading / Bag Collection     
Car 1 & Trailer  Meet Tesco  
   Event LeaderSat 22 13:30Sat 22 19:00
   Driver, TrailerSat 22 13:30Sat 22 23:00
    Sat 22 13:30Sat 22 23:00
Car 2  Meet Tesco  
   Driver, TrailerSat 22 15:30Sat 22 21:00
    Sat 22 15:30Sat 22 21:00
    Sat 22 15:30Sat 22 21:00
    Sat 22 15:30Sat 22 21:00
Sunday – Bike Transport Cramond Kirk Hall to Carlisle     
Lorry Loading Team – Cramond Kirk     
Coach check-in person – Cramond Kirk     
Lorry Unloading Team & Tidyup – Carlisle     
   Event LeaderSat 22 04:30Sat 22 12:00
    Sat 22 04:30Sat 22 12:00
   DriverSat 22 04:30Sun 26 12:00
    Sun 26 04:30Sun 26 12:00
CAFÉ – Cramond Kirk Hall – Saturday/Sunday     
Purchasing (week before)     
Café Team Leader     
    Sat 25 20:00Sun 26 07:00
Set up BBQ & Shelter     
    Sat 25 22:00Sun 26 03:00
    Sun 26 04:30Sun 26 07:00
Cut & Butter 800 rolls     
Setup Hall Tables     
   LeaderSat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
    Sat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
    Sat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
    Sat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
    Sat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
    Sat 25 21:00Sun 26 00:00
Cook Team ( bacon, heat chilli & soup )     
 RTPP Sat 25 23:00Sun 26 05:00
    Sat 25 23:00Sun 26 05:00
    Sat 25 23:00Sun 26 05:00
    Sat 25 23:00Sun 26 05:00
    Sat 25 23:00Sun 26 05:00
Collect Money     
 BWPP Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
    Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
Serve Bacon Rolls     
 S1CFreshstart Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
 S2CFreshstart Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
Serve Vegetarian Option     
    Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
Serve Teas & Coffees     
 S3 Freshstart Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
    Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 06:00
Front of House(collect/clear rubbish, open/close areas)     
    Sun 26 02:00Sun 26 07:00
    Sun 26 02:00Sun 26 07:00
Bag Collection     
    Sun 26 01:00Sun 26 05:00
Spare Food     
 FFreshstart Sun 26 09:00Sun 26 11:00
  • If you are unwell you should stay at home and send us an email to let us know you are not able to help.

  • You are welcome to wear face coverings at any time if you wish

  • There is a First Aider on duty in each location – if you feel unwell, or are injured (even if minor) please see the First Aider.

  • There will be a Event Controller in overall charge at each of these locations – please raise any questions or concerns with them or members of the team.
  • While in our operating areas at any of our car parks, keep the safety of yourself and others in mind as there will be vehicles moving, loading and unloading of lorries, up to 250 coach passengers embarking and disembarking from vehicles, and members of the public in the vicinity. 
  • Report any hazards to the Safety Controller.
  • Only volunteers in the loading and unloading teams should work in the loading areas or be inside the lorry. 
  • Loading teams should take great care when in the lorry to avoid falling off the tailgate, dropping a bike onto someone at ground level etc. particularly if it is wet
  • Cabs of lorries are out of bounds to all volunteers. 
  • No vehicle may move without direct permission from the  Event Controller, and appropriate controls are in place to keep bystanders clear from danger.
  • When a vehicle is entering or leaving our car parks, the Event controller will ask all individuals to remain in safe areas until the movement is completed. Please remain in one place until the all clear is given.
  • Those working in the cafe should promote good hygiene by washing their hands, using clean cooking utensils, and storing raw food safely.

  • Those cooking or carrying hot food/liquids should take care to avoid burns.

  • All gas stoves/BBQ’s must be used only outside Cramond Kirk under the supervision of an adult Scout volunteer

  • There are young people taking part throughout the weekend. Normal safeguarding rules apply, and leaders and non-leaders should be aware of the importance of observing a few key rules and supporting each other to ensure the safety of both adults and young people.

Leaders – 

  • Yellow Card rules and guidelines apply at all times
  • Support non-member helpers who will be unfamiliar with Yellow card rules
  • Report any risks or issues to the Safety Controller immediately.
Helpers who are not leaders
  •  Never plan to be alone with a child – be in sight and hearing of another adult
  • Report any concern about the behaviour of any other adult towards young people to a leader, or if appropriate the Safety Controller

It only takes a few minutes to read the Young People First -Yellow card and we recommend you do this if you are unsure about any aspect of Safeguarding.

Please use the information below if you need to contact us urgently:

  • Saturday 10:00  –  12:00 – Fraser Dunmore, 07495 005 370  – before check-in opens
  • Saturday  12:00 – 16:00 – Mike Treanor, 07432 866 520 – for Saturday coach/bike check-in and loading  – Tesco carpark
  • Saturday  16:00 – 22:00 – Patrick Harvey., 07745 727 542  – for Saturday coach/bike unloading & bag collection – Carlisle
  • Saturday  01:00 – Sunday 04:30 – Fraser Dunmore, 07495 005 370   – all activities at Cramond Kirk Hall, including bag return
  • Sunday     04:30 –  10:00 –  Patrick Harvey., 07745 727 542– coach/bike service to Carlisle
Please use these numbers for urgent  communications during the specific times noted.
For all other communications please email

Saturday 24th June - Coach/Bike loading - Tesco Rear Car Park

Important – everyone with a role at the Tesco carpark is asked to arrive ready for a team briefing at 12.15

  • Safety – take care of yourself, our customers and members of the general public
  • Obvious risks – lifting bikes up/down from trucks, vehicles moving in confined spaces close to people and other vehicles/obstacles
  • Queue Manager – manage people in queue and clear of trucks
  • Loaders – work as team safely, be aware of risks from slipping, falling off lorry, dropping bike from lorry onto people at ground level
  • Vehicle movements – only move with Mike’s permission, and if Mike asks you to help keep people back / watch for collisions etc. please help.
  • We have a first aid kit and all adult Scout Leaders are first aid trained ( check location of defibrillator )
  • Any accident or complaint must be reported to Controller
    • Tesco car park – Event Controller
    • Carlisle car park – Event Controller
  • Anything you are unsure about or concerned with – ask the Event Controller
  • We have a loud hailer for any important announcement.
  • Walkie Talkies – allocated to TBC
  • Communication – see the emergency contact numbers should you need to contact the Scout Leader in charge at any of our locations.

Car Park Marshalling

  • Most will arrive at the front of Tesco, either on their bikes or being dropped off by car.
  • Some will arrive via the footpath/bike track from Silverknowes into the rear carpark
  • They should be directed to the Reception Team (TBC)
  • Some customers may be irritated if they can’t park in their usual spot, or feel they are being delayed – please be polite, helpful and if you need any help contact one of the adult volunteers to assist.
  • We are using most of the rear car park, so important we try and avoid any delays/congestion in the remaining front and rear car park used by Tesco customers e.g. our riders parking in the public parking bays, or a queue of cars building up into the rear car park.
  • Front car park/entrance) – please stand just inside the entrance where you can be seen
    • For cyclists arriving on foot/by bike, direct them to the rear car park
    • For cars with bikes on board – if they stop guide them round to the rear to drop off their bike and that they can’t park.
    • Keep an eye out for cyclists parked at front and encourage them to move on
  • Rear car park – position yourself at the rear to see cars coming round from the front
    • We will have most of the rear car park cordoned off, but there will be some bays for Tesco customers – help them by directing shoppers to these and explain if asked what is happening. If a customer has mobility problems offer to help carry their shopping.
    • Direct cyclists to reception.
  • Riders check in from 13.00 – last arrivals at 2.30pm
  • Greet riders and guide them on how to get ready for departure
  • Confirm which service they are booked on ( 3pm, 3.30pm or 4pm)
  • If they want to wrap their bikes, direct them to the bubble wrap area
  • Direct them to join the appropriate loading queue when everyone in the booking has their bike ready
  • Confirm they will receive a tag for their bag if they have booked it when they get to the bike queue
  • If they wish to buy baggage tag, sell it to them at this point
  • Should be enough packs for everyone
  • Printed leaflets on how to wrap – have sample kit laid out so they can see what they have and talk people through this so they don’t waste time working it out themselves
  • IMPORTANT – they must not wrap cranks/chains/gears – pedals must be able to rotate for loading
  • When they are ready, direct them to the loading queue
  • Peter and Nate– keep moving round people wrapping their bikes – get more wrapping if they ask for it and collect unused stuff.
  • May also need you to cover other roles depending on how many use wrapping.
  • Check out our info on how to wrap bikes on this web page

Start to clear carpark as soon as last coach departs

  • Take everything away – signs at end of paths ( 2 sets ) & front of Tesco
  • Cones/tape/tables – question – how?
  • Pop into Tesco and let manager know we’re finished
    • Welcome & give each cyclist a tag for their bike &pen. 
  • They fill in tag as they wait in the queue, then attach to bike, tear off & keep bottom part to present at pick up in Carlisle 
  • (this ensures everyone has the right bike and no mix ups happen due to same or very similar bikes!)
  • Check them in using phone app – scan QR code or use booking reference to look up their booking ( paper lists will be available for backup)
  • The three services are colour coded by departure time:
    • 3.00pm – Green
    • 3.30pm – Blue
    • 4.00pm – Red
  • Key points
    • Tags for their bike – make sure they fill in their mobile number and name
    • Confirm which coach they are on ( colour ) and where it is.
    • They can put personal stuff in the coach hold and take any free seat they wish.
    • It is important they remember which HGV they are loaded onto – these will have the same colour code as their coach.
  • Before bike loading team take bike – check bikes have tags and pedals can move
  • To avoid delays we need to be loading 4 bikes per minute on average – important to keep the queue moving.
  • Count how many bikes on each HGV – clicker will be provided
  • There are two loading teams so we can load two lorries at the same time
  • Team one – Packers 
  • Team two – Packers 
  • Two people in each team are trained to do the packing of the bikes in the lorry – this needs both care to avoid any damage to bikes and make sure the load is secure in the lorry, and speed to keep to schedule.
  • The other two members of the team work together to get the bikes to the packers so they don’t lose time fetching bikes.
    • Loader one checks next bike in queue has tag attached, pedals can move, and then carries/wheels to lorry and lifts on to back of lorry for loader two to receive
    • Loader two takes bike to packers and passed bike over when they are ready to pack it
  • There is a training session for the packers on TBC – emails will be sent with details of times/locations.
  • Think of safety – avoid slips, falling of the lorry tailgate, dropping a bike, injuries due to lifting, and staying clear while vehicles are moving.
  • Timetable
    • Small numbers of cyclists will arrive from 1pm, and rapidly grow as final check in times for their departures get closer – we need to be able to load 3-4 bikes per minute during the peak period.
    • Loading team one will start on the first lorry (100 bikes) from 1pm so it can leave as soon as full (target 2.30pm), while Loading team two loads the second lorry (50 bikes) ready for departure at 3pm.
    • As lorry one approaches completion, Team 1 will move to help team 2 if needed and/or load lorry three (100 bikes) so it can depart at 3.30pm
    • Teams may need to be flexible and help each other to cope with bulges and gaps, so bikes are loaded with minimum delay from the queue.
  • Coach Contacts act as someone we can contact by phone while the bus is en-route if something unexpected happens. The coach contact also has our emergency contact numbers to let us know of problems.
  • We have two cyclists who are known to us, and will need to ask for a volunteer on each coach. There is a printed instruction card with the details they need
  • No contact is needed on Sunday as the unloading crew will follow the coach down.

Saturday - Carlisle - Coach/Bike unloading

  • Drive car and trailer with gear and other members of the setup team.
  • Team will arrive before first HGV to check and prepare for arrival
    • Meet at Tesco 12.30pm – depart to Carlisle 2pm approx ahead of coach/HGV
    • Set up in Carlisle:
      • Set up bag deposit area, using Scout Flag
      • Separate Coach parking/disembark, lorry unloading and rider waiting areas
    • Marshall incoming and outgoing lorries, coaches and keep bystanders back etc.
    • Pay car park charges for arriving vehicles
    • Man bag collection points in Castle Car Park and Bitts Car Park – see detailed instructions in later section
    • Keep any uncollected bikes which must be unloaded
    • Manage any complaints about damage/loss to bikes
    • Collect any rubbish etc. to clear Castle Car Park
    • Bring bags and any lost property back to Cramond Kirk and leave in committee room
  • Schedules are arranged for the lorry to arrive just before the coaches with the riders at Castle Car Park at :
    • Green – 3pm coach departure – 5pm approx.
    • Blue – 3.30pm coach departure – 5.30pm approx.
    • Red – 4pm coach departure – 6pm approx.
    • Castle Car Park closes at 8pm – all vehicles must be out by then
  • Team to meet at Tesco 12.30 for briefing, view how bikes loaded
  • TBC travel in car driven by Alexander H.
  • TBC will arrive as passenger on first 3pm coach
  • Unloading team removes bikes from each lorry when the coach(es) with the riders for those bikes arrive
  • Car park team will call cyclists forward in small groups of ten (by ticket number e.g. tickets 1- 10 ) in reverse order to loading to be close to rear of truck ready to receive bikes
  • Unpackers – extract bikes carefully and pass to unloader in lorry
  • Lorry unloader takes and passes down to Ground unloader
  • Ground unloader shouts out number of bike
  • Cyclist comes forward – check their ticket matches and hand over bike
  • If no cyclist comes forward, pass bike to car park team who will hold it until cyclist claims
  • Reach bike down to ground loader who calls out tag number and rider collects
  • There will be about 120 or so  bags which riders have prepaid:
    • Use the check-in app to scan their barcode.
    • Give them baggage tickets for each bag booked and to fill in  their name and mobile number
    • Give them the tear off receipt for reclaim later and secure tag to bag and add to trailer for transport
  • Quite a few others will drop off bags which haven’t been prepaid
    • Use the sumup app/reader to take a payment of £5 per large bag(use comon sense if it is a couple of small bags etc.)
    • Issue tag etc as above
  • Most coach passengers will drop off the bag as soon as they have collected their bike in Castle Car Park – the station here will run from first coach arriving until 7pm or once the last coachlorry has unloaded and the site is is cleared of rubbish etc.
  • Some will want to drop bags off just before starting cycling – and will do this at Bitts car park. The RTTS organiser will try and keep a space – make contact with them and relocate the car/trailer there and run the service to 8pm.
  • Brief everyone that they can collect their bags from a secured locked room at Cramond Kirk Halls between 1am – 6am – the room is opposite the toilets and will have a sign on the door, and in case of difficulty ask anyone with a Scout Necker in the hall for help.
  • The Unloading team should take all bags and leave them locked in the allocated room in the hall on return to Edinburgh.

On arrival brief passengers on what to do next before they get off

  • to muster as a group in the bike return area, have their ticket numbers ready, and that we will call them in groups forward to receive their bikes ( e.g. bikes 1 – 10 first, then 11- 20, and so on. )
  • to point out any bags for return to Carlise can be deposited at the collection points at Castle Street (up to 7pm) or Bitts Car park ( up to 8pm).
  • Remind them to take everything with them from cabin and hold (coaches not going back to Edinburgh)
  • Check the carpark team are ready, and allow them to disembark
  • Check coach empty before giving driver permission to leave (cabin, hold ) – hand anything left to the carpark team for return to Cramond as lost property
  • Tell them that the start of RTTS is in Bitts car park, which is 5 minutes walk from this car park by following the road to the left round the Castle
  • Assist unloading team 


Sunday - Cramond Kirk Hall - Coach/Bike loading

  • Please check info on lorry loading, transport and unloading for Saturday – the process for Sunday is similar but on a smaller scale and this smaller team covers the whole process
  • Check in cyclists
  • Issue bike wrap kits as required
  • 7 Tonne truck arrives at Cramond Kirk Hall between 04:30 and 05:00 – stationed at front of hall for loading
  • Load bikes from 05:00 – truck departs when full (ideally before 6am)
  • Coach will arrive at #41 Bus Stop on Cramond Road North close to junction with Whitehouse Road at 6am
  • Member of team gathers all passengers at Hall and walks them up to bus stop for boarding coach – please ask passengers to be quiet as they walk as neighbours are sensitive to noise during the night
  • Team travel by car behind coach
  • Bikes unloaded in Castle Car Park
  • Team return by car to Edinburgh

Saturday evening/Sunday morning- Cramond Kirk Hall - Freshstart Cafe

  • Purchase and bring all food and sundries for cafe apart form Rolls.
  • Purchase rolls
  • Collect rolls from shop and bring to hall – Saturday
  • Setup large BBQ’s, gas, lights and cooking utensils in outside patio area for cook team to cook bacon later
  • Set up Gazebos for shelter if rain expected
  • Return at 5am to help with clear up and pack away of kitchen kit, also provide help to lorry loading team if needed
  • Bring floodlights / fan / PP gas grill before setup
  • Slice and butter rolls ( likely to be 700 )
  • Set up tables, seating and serving area
  • Cook and prepare all hot food – cook bacon slices, heat pre-cooked chilli and soup
  • Transfer hot food to serving tables as needed
  • Bacon is cooked outside on large BBQ’s – so team will need warm outdoor clothes
  • Kirk Kitchen is also available to heat pre-cooked chilli and soup, and to wash-up etc.
  • Cyclists start to arrive in small numbers around 1am slowly ramping up to peak numbers between 3 and 5am.
  • Clean/clear up kitchen gear ready for dismantling
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • Collect payments for food, drinks – will be using card payments for the first time as well as cash (if needed)
  • Help with hall tidy up
  • Make up and serve bacon rolls
  • Cook team bring in freshly cooked bacon as needed
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • Serve soup with roll into bowls from urn
  • Serve chilli with roll into bowls from urn
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • Serve (instant) coffee and teas
  • Continue to provide hot drinks until 5am ( hot food usually sold out by that point)
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • Several hundred cyclist in hall
  • Collect and bag rubbish – take to skip at rear
  • Help cyclists if anyone needs anything – directions to toilets, where to collect bags
  • As numbers decrease, move cyclists to close down some of meeting areas so they can be cleaned early, and help everyone to leave for final cleanup
  • Check toilets hourly and ensure that there is toilet paper in all cubicles( get male member of team to check Gents )
  • Members of other teams will become free to help towards the end
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • All bags for collection will have been transferred to the Committee room on Saturday evening and locked up
  • Arrive, get room key and become familiar with order bags are laid out ( probably numerical order by tag ) ready for cyclists to come and collect bags
  • Open and staff collection room from 1am – as cyclists arrive, request their collection receipt(numbers), retrieve and return bag to them.
  • If leaving room ensure it is locked or manned by a responsible member of the team to ensure bags are secure at all times
  • Close collection room at 5am – flag to Freshstart Leader if any bags remain uncollected
  • It is likely that any lost property from Saturday will also be the room – if people come to claim it, make sure they can describe whatever it is to be sure they are the owners
  • Help with hall tidyup
  • Transport any left over food to either the Freshstart Depot, or local charity

Other Information


  1. Bikes should all have pedals horizontal and pedal on loaders side forwards.
  2. Next bike loaded should then have its front wheel against the forward pedal of bike in front. This bike should also (ideally) have its handlebars around the saddle of the bike in front.
  3. Generally best to form one line of bikes along the length of the lorry starting at the front bulkhead. Then start to build up following lines against these.
  4. Ideally the first bike in each line will alternate between the front wheel touching the lorry bulkhead and then being further back. This should make sense when it is seen.

General Loading notes:


  1. There needs to be 3 people involved in loading and unloading. One person to be in charge of the placement and separating the bikes. Another passing bikes up or down from tail lift. Other person(s) to wheel bikes to and from inside the lorry.
  2. If the bikes are loaded as above, they are so interlocked they really don’t move around much.
  3. It is important to keep the loading as constant as possible and ensure that the bikes are always pretty upright If any start to lean this will gradually become a problem for bikes loaded later.
  4. If bikes have a small bag under the saddle this can often be loosened slightly to allow handlebars to fit around the saddle. (Try to tell the owner when unloading.)
  5. Ask people to remove helmets or loose bags.
  6. As the lorry fills up place 3 or 4 straps across before there are too many and cannot reach the wall. These are tightened up (not too tight) at the end with card under straps to protect bikes.
  7. If bikes have unusual handlebars, have a rear pannier rack or are a different design this can cause problems. Put these bikes to one side and use these at the end of loading (see next note) X
  8. At the end the last few bikes have to be loaded against the other wall. It is generally possible to reverse the last few in and place cardboard sheets/boxes in between to take up any slack and protect frames etc. Simply use best judgement and ensure all bikes are unlikely to move. Leave unusual bikes to the end around when doing this.
  9. After loading place a strap and cardboard behind all the bikes to prevent any fore/aft movement.
  10. Important – When unloading take great care when separating a bike, it is highly likely the owners are all watching how you are treating their £5,000 titanium framed hand-built machine!!
  11. In particular be careful of:
    1. Control cables snagging on seats.
    2. Small lights being vulnerable.
    3. Pedals being caught in spokes.
    4. If a bike isn’t coming away easily check carefully to see where they are caught.