Ride To The Sun is an annual cycling event where participants cycle from Carlisle to Cramond overnight on the weekend closest to the Summer Solstice, with well over one thousand taking part. You can find out more on the webpage and facebook site.

Craigalmond Explorers run a service to transport cyclists and their bikes from Edinburgh to Carlisle and also help staff the cafe in Cramond Kirk Hall which is run to raise funds for a local charity Freshstart who help people who have experienced homelessness set up their new home.

The planning, taking bookings and management of the service is organised by the District Explorer team, with a team of around 50+ Scouting volunteers  working a range of shifts non-stop from Saturday  22nd June at 12:00 to Sunday 23rd June at 14:00.

The service raises a substantial amount of funds which are shared between local Scouting groups that provide support the service or have volunteers taking part to be used to support their local Scout programme for young people.


What do volunteers do

Over the 24 hour period we are active, volunteers will be given a shift which is typically from 4 to 8 hours long, and to help with tasks like:

  1. Loading bikes onto lorries
  2. Manning check-in
  3. Managing bag return 
  4. Preparing or cooking hot food and drinks
  5. Acting as cashier for the cafe

You can see detailed information on the different volunteer teams and roles here. This is a first draft and while we do not expect it to change in any major way, updates will be made as detailed plans for 2024 are completed.

How to Volunteer

Explorer Units wishing to raise funds

Explorer Units are encouraged to volunteer if they wish to raise funds for a substantial project ( camping equipment, hall refurb, international camp, etc.)

We ask that a number of adults ( leaders, parents or supporters) volunteer along with Explorer Scouts given the responsibilities of certain roles.

  1. Unit Leaders should email the District Explorer Commissioner to request the Unit takes part and outline how the Unit will use the funds raised.
  2. They will receive a link which can be shared with members of the Unit – any member can register themselves and family/friends using this link.
  3. We will allocated roles to everyone who has registered based in when they are available over the 24 hour period of Ride To The Sun, and send them details.

Participants selected for International Events

Adult Volunteers, Network, Explorer Scouts and Scouts representing the Region or Scouts Scotland/UK at international events such as the World Jamboree, Blair Athol Jamborette, Roverway or Moot are welcome to volunteer as individuals to raise funds towards participation in these events.

Participants in upcoming events will receive a link to volunteer by the end of April – please check your Junk email folder first, and if you haven’t received this email the District Explorer Scout Administrator

Schedule for Ride To The Sun 2024

Individuals should receive a link to an online form to register themselves ( and family/supporters) by early May 2024

  • Forms should be submitted by 14th May 12.00 – if you miss this still submit your form as we may still have open places in the team
  • Please volunteer for a many of the different times as you can over the event to increase your chances of being offered a place
  • We will do our best to give as many Explorer Scouts/Network members as possible the opportunity to receive support from Ride To The Sun and offer places taking into account:
    • Experience/skills needed for different roles (for example – some roles require an adult)
    • Opportunities to support those who have not previously had the opportunity to help with bike transport
  • The funds raised by running the Scout Bike Transport once all expenses are credited to Explorer Scout Units (who have a project/camp) and to individuals going to International events and where possible paid directly to the Unit and organisers of international camps ( usually Scouts Scotland/South East Scotland Region). This is normally in early July.
  • Surplus funds from the service are distributed entirely to Scouting in our area reflecting the contribution each has made to running the service, which includes the time given as a volunteer.