Frequently Asked Questions List- 2024

Last Updated – 28th March 2024

Where can I park my car?

There is a large public car park near the finish point at Cramond beach which is used by people visiting the foreshore and promenade which is usually empty overnight. This is approximately 1.5 miles from our outbound departure point which is at the car-park of the Tesco Metro in Davidson’s Mains. There is also lots of parking just to the south of the Boardwalk Beach Club which is halfway along the Cramond Promenade (Marine Parade). 

You could also park along some of the residential streets in Cramond and Davidson’s Mains – most houses have off-street parking so there is space along Gamekeeper’s Road, Cramond Road North, Whitehouse Road and some of the roads off them as long as you respect resident’s entrance ways. Cramond Glebe Road is very narrow so not a good parking option but it does gives access to the foreshore car park.

Departure and Arrival Locations

Saturday Services

  • The departure point for both the bike lorry and transfer coach for the outbound services to Carlisle on Saturday June 25th  will be the car park behind the Tesco Metro at Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh.
  •  36 Cramond Rd S, Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh EH4 6AA
  • Google Maps Link
  • Coaches and lorries disembark at Castle Car Park, unloading of bikes is completed within 30 – 60 minutes, with a walk of only a few minutes to the start of Ride To The Sun in Bitts Park.
  • Devonshire Walk, Carlisle CA3 8UL
  • Google Map Link

Sunday Service

  • Passengers should check in by 5.00am at Cramond Kirk Hall  for loading of bikes in the Kirk Hall carpark, with departure at 6am. 
  • Coach passengers will be escorted from the hall to board the coach a short walk from the hall to minimise noise and disruption to local residents. 
  • 16 Cramond Glebe Rd, Cramond, Edinburgh EH4 6NS
  • Google Map Link
  • Arrival will be be at 9.00am approx. in Castle Car Park, Carlisle – with 30 minutes for bike unloading. See details for Saturday for address and Google Map links.

When and where can I deposit my bag for transport to Cramond

  • Bags may be deposited at the collection trailer adjacent in Castle Car Park any time from disembarking your coach until 7pm or the final coach service has unloaded(whichever is latest).
  • Bags can be deposited after this up to 8pm in Bitts Car Park (where cyclist start RTTS).
  • If you have pre-booked your bag, simply show your ticket bar code for scanning and receive your tag for use when you reclaim your bag at Cramond.
  • We have plenty of space – if you haven’t booked a bag, you can simply pay using any debit/credit card when you deposit the bag. 

Cramond in Castle Car Park

in Carlisle no later than 8.00 pm for transport back to Cramond for collection in Cramond Kirk Hall between 2am and 5am on Sunday 26th June in exchange for a valid receipt. The collection point will be in Castle Street car park from the first service arrival until 7pm, and then from 7pm – 8pm in Bitts Car Park. 

When and where do I collect my bag at Cramond when I finish

  • Bags may be collected in Cramond Kirk Hall by going to the meeting room near to the toilets at the rear
  • There will be a sign on the door – and if no-one is present contact any of the Scout Team helping with the Freshstart Cafe
  • Collection is expected to open at 2am on Sunday – to be confirmed

How Can I Wrap My Bike

f you want to wrap your bike, you can collect a bike-wrapping kit which contains pre-cut strips of bubble wrap to cover any bike tubes that you wish to protect. There are also sticky labels to hold the strips in place. If you need any more wrap or labels speak to one of our team in the wrapping area.

Our bubblewrap kit:

Cover the bubble wrap around the tube and secure with labels at each end:

f you have a tube with a large diameter and/or bottle cages to work round, you may prefer to wrap the bubble wrap in a spiral around the tube, and tape two strips together end-end if you need a longer spiral.

We must be able to turn the pedals to be able to load the bike in place in the truck – so please do not wrap the cranks, chain ring, chain or rear gears as these must be able to move freely.

When you are finished please put any left-over bubble wrap or labels in the recycling containers provided.