Adult Training

Training is a key feature in supporting you in your Scouting role. It gives you the skills and the information to do the job, and it also gives parents confidence in caring for their children.

When you start the appointments process your role will be Pre-Provisional and move to Provisional when you have attended and passed an Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC). Pre-Provisional and Provisional Appointments allow an adult volunteer to start getting involved in their new role whilst completing the appointment process.

Within 5 months of your appointment you need to have done all of your Getting Started training and your role changes to full.

Validation during lockdown – guide

Follow the steps

Step 4
Step 4

Discuss the Training Guide with your TA

Have a chat with your Training Advisor about what training you need, and together you'll create a Personal Learning Plan

Step 6
Step 6

Your Wood Badge - within 3 years


Once you have done your Getting Started training you can start on the other modules 5 - 19. Most can be done online, others need to be done face to face - some by Zoom during the Covid period.

Most of these courses are held by SE Scotland Region

Start by checking the Training Calendar on this page (scroll right down to the bottom) and sign up for any courses on dates that suit you.

Region Calendar

Once you've done a course, speak to your Training Advisor about validating it.