Young Leader Scheme

As a Young Leader you:

  • must complete Module A within 3 months of starting
  • volunteer regularly with a local Squirrel, Beaver, Cub or Scout Section
  • are encouraged to complete a number of training modules that will help you develop leadership skills  ( Modules B – K )
  • are encouraged to complete four missions ( where you take responsibility as a leader to plan and run part of a Section programme )

Registering as a Young Leader in Craigalmond District

It is important to register as soon as you decide you wish to take part in Young Leader training.

To register please send an email to with details of your name, if you are a member of an Explorer Scout Unit include the name of the Unit, and your date of birth.

We will add you to the register, and you will be able to see details of the modules and missions you have completed and sign up for training using OSM.

If you are a member of an Explorer Unit, this means you will see the programme and records for two different Units – your Explorer Unit and the Young Leader Unit. Check on your OSM screen that you see your name ( Test YL in this example ) and the name of the Explorer Scout YL Unit ( Young Leaders Craigalmond Explorers ) and use the menu below this for the YL Programme.


Calendar of training for District - 2023/24

  1. Training 1  ( Modules A, B, C and E ) – Sunday 24th September, 2023
  2. Training 2  ( Modules A, D, G and H ) – Sunday 29th October, 2023
  3. Training 3  ( Modules A, F, I and J ) – Sunday 19th November, 2023

All registered Young Leaders are sent invitations to these training events – to attend simply accept the invitation on OSM and enter the modules you wish to take part in.

Explorers should arrive 5 minutes before the start of the first module they have booked to register, and should also wear uniform/neckie and bring the following (if they have already been issued with them):

  1. Orange Card ( Safeguarding )
  2. Explorer Scout Young Leader Log Book
  3. Notebook/pen 

The events are designed to be flexible and Young Leaders can select which of the Modules they wish to attend on each day using OSM.

We will schedule a one day session for Module K ( First Aid ) shortly, and may schedule further training in 2024 depending on demand and availability of our volunteer team.

Venue (unless otherwise stated):

  • 71st Craigalmond Scout Hall, 233 Corstorphine Road, EH12 7AR
  • Public Transport  – Lothian Buses 12, 26, 31.
  • Google Maps location:
  • The Hall is next to the Forestry Commission building – follow the lane (15 metres ) from Corstorphine Road.