Cubs 100 Craigalmond Cubs Centelebration Camp Bonaly 13-15 May 2016

Frequently asked questions

added 06 April 2016

Q What will be doing  in a subcamp? *** NEW 6/4 ***

A group of three packs of around 50-60 young people, camping together and sharing equipment and catering , possibly transport, with a leader nominated as the contact for the subcamp. Cubs can sleep in tents with their own packs. Please refer to POR/SHQ for updated guidance on mixed camping.  Subcamps will cater for their young people and adults (food is provided).  Inspections may  be carried out and points awarded for the  best subcamp to encourage good campcraft.

Q What catering equipment should we bring? *** NEW 6/4 ***

Talk to your subcamp colleagues to ensure you have sufficient gas stoves, fypans for cooked breakfast, prep tables, chopping boards,  and for Saturday tea, large dixies capable of cooking pasta and sauce for the subcamp.  An urn for hot water (for hand washing and hot drinks).

Q Is there a subcamp kit list? *** NEW 6/4 ***

No as it depends on what you usually take to camp but as a guide ; mess tent or marquee or dining shelters, camp kitchen (using gas) to cater for 50 young people and a dozen adults, benches and tables  are not essential, cubs could picnic on large tarps at mealtimes. A barrow would be useful for carting kit.

Q We don’t have a mess tent or marquee and are short of big dixies , can we borrow some? *** NEW 6/4 ***

Integrate equipment lists with packs In your subcamps first and anything which you don’t have between you, please let us know. A mess tent will be easier than a marquee, or a series of dining shelters would also work.

Q Will out of pocket expenses for gas, transport, petrol etc  be reimbursed?  *** NEW 6/4 ***

Its expected that a contribution to cost of gas will be made depending on budget. At this stage its not possible to provide reimbursement of other expenses. If the camp has an overall  financial surplus, this will be distributed back to packs.

Q What meals will the subcamps cater for? *** NEW 6/4 ***

Subcamps will organise cooking food provided by the central store. The menus are simple and straightforward. To free leaders up to help with activities, its suggested that parent helpers can run the catering with a little guidance from experienced leaders!

Friday supper, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts, Saturday lunch, tea and supper.  Some help with breaks during the day would be useful, there will be break stations around the site.

Q Where will the food be stored? *** NEW 6/4 ***

Bulk food for each meal can be collected from the central store at set times – a barrow would be useful for the quantities ! Food will be refrigerated in the central store until needed. Coolboxes might be useful in subcamps for extras/leftovers.

Q What about allergies, dietary requirements? *** NEW 6/4 ***

The CTT have  recorded the information sent In on the summary sheets.  Supplies of vegetarian options are provided, and account of allergies will be taken account of.  Please ensure your permission forms are brought to camp and held  securely, but available to a leader (or first aider should the need arise)

Q When can we set up? *** NEW 6/4 ***

Thursday 12 May in the evening and on Friday. Set up can continue on the Friday evening with Cubs as the camp activity programme officially starts on Saturday morning,  Transport will not be able to access the site after 530pm on Friday.  Please let us know if you need to set up at other times.

added 27 Feb 2016

Why have the adult to cub ratios been changed?

To deliver the best experience for Cub Scouts, there more adults there are running games , exciting activities and base work, the better.   Packs are together in subcamps to reduce  time spent on camping and maximise activity facing time.  It’s a collaborative venture, leaders working together, meeting other leaders and helps keep costs down.    Overnight, packs will require 1in 8  ratio plus a leader in charge  (who could be in charge of the sub camp)

Can we ask non – PVGd parents to help?

Yes, all parents should be encouraged to take part! The priority for parents coming along as day helpers is food prep in the subcamps, freeing up leaders to assist with activities. Chefs are a vital part of Cub Camp and with so many mouths to feed, its a key role   Parents may also help with activities, belaying at the high  ropes, assisting with gams etc  As they will not be in sole charge of any young people, PVGs are not required , unless they stay overnight.   No cost for day helpers, £10 for overnight.

Our pack leaders NA permits expire soon – what can we do?

You can be covered by a Core Team member NA permit

Q What are the catering arrangements?

A, Food will be supplied for subcamps to prepare easy to make meals.  Juice and snacks will be provided.  Any food allergies  to be noted on the application forms and advised by the application deadlines.

Will the tuck shop be open?

Cubs haven’t been asked to bring pocket money as they sometimes lose it. Between meal snacks  brought to camp are up to packs and their parents to decide , most packs have their own policy on this.  If all packs want the tuck shop open at a set time during the weekend,  this can be arranged.

Q Why is there a cost for leaders? 

Until external funding and grants we have applied for are quantified, all costs need to be covered.   The number of adults will be significant and the £10 charge will help to cover overnight camping and food costs.  Should there be a surplus, refunds will be made to packs.  Any profit will not be retained by District.   Day helpers will not be charged even though they may arrive at mealtimes!

Q. why is their a cost for Young Leaders?

For similar reasons mentioned above, however, you may decide that the group covers YLs camp fees. (similarly with adult fees) . YLs have been offered a variety of roles to apply for including the Nightshift , Entertainment Officers, Service Team members, Base Instructors, Beleyers and also a variety of flexible times, all or parts of the weekend  so that they can fit in around studying, weekend jobs etc.

Can Explorers come too?

Yes, Explorers can come along to help, and all Explorers ad Craigalmond Young Leaders have been invited to take part, whether they currently help with sections or not.   The deadlines for numbers apply.

Q, Is there a central In Touch contact?

A,No, please add your usual In Touch contact on the application form before issue.

We have a lot of equipment to transport on Friday – will there be access to the site?

Yes, access will be available to bring vehicles up the edge of the field until 530pm on Friday 13th May. After that time all vehicle access will be closed to allow safe pedestrian access up Bonaly road to the site. Thursday evening has been set aside for tent set up, camp kitchen delivery of kit etc.

Q Can parents visit the site on Friday ?

No, there isn’t enough parking at Torduff road for all parents to come Departure times will be staggered like the arrival times, and allocated for each pack to issue to parents when the numbers are confirmed.

Q, what exactly will Cubs be doing? Will there be anything new?   

The theme is Past Present and Future and the programme is being worked on as we speak!  High Ropes will definitely add some adventure, expeditions around the hills,  crafts, traditional Scouting Skills, etc Leaders have contributed their ideas for the programme and we will be able to include as many as we can. Many activities will count towards the new challenge badges  and a list will be sent out after the numbers are in.

Q Can Cubs arrive early?

The short answer is no, but arrangements between Cub Leaders and parents may be made as long as there is adequate leader cover from the pack.

When will we know what activities we will be running?

As soon as possible after the numbers are in, the programme will be issued. Leaders may wish to take the lead at a Zone, if they have a favourite activity they would like to do, or assist with the general running, or even develop something new. Go on, make yourselves known!