Expedition Skills Training

If you are planning to do your first DofE expedition, you will need to demonstrate to the expedition supervisor that you have the skills and knowledge to take part safely before your expedition.

You can do this by completing the following online and outdoor training sessions.

AIntroduction & expedition groupsOnline
BStoves and FoodOnline
CNavigation 1Online
DNavigation 2Online
ENavigation 3Online
FCampcraft & SafetyOnline
GGetting ready for your expeditionOnline
HFirst AidOnline/Practical

A – Introduction and Expedition Groups

What is a DofE Expedition and how is it run?

What do you need to do to complete this training

What you need to do before this session

What you need to do before the next session

Session B covers lightweight cooking and menu planning.  Before the session read the following:

  1.  DofE Food Blog
  2.  Eating on an expedition poster
  3. How to use a Trangia Stove
  4. Stove safety instructions