The Scouts Scotland’s 39th Scottish International Patrol Jamborette will take place in Blair Atholl from Monday 15th July 2024 until Friday 26th July 2024.

500 Scottish Explorer Scouts will camp alongside Scouts from around the world, working as a dual patrol of 12, in one of six subcamps.

There is an exciting programme of activities and the opportunity to form lasting international friendships.

Blair Atholl is open to Scouts and Explorers who are 14 – 17. The Jamborette is hugely popular and unfortunately not everyone can attend so selection events will take place locally.

To be eligible, participants must have birthdays between 15th July 2006 and 15th July 2010.

The camp in 2022 cost £475 per participant for all the activities, catering, evening entertainment etc.  We will do our best to get grant money and fundraising opportunities to help with the cost. As soon as we are aware of the cost we will let you know.

Everyone who wants to take part will need to complete an application form telling us about your Scouting( Awards, Badges, Camping Experience) and why you would like the opportunity to be a member of a Craigalmond Patrol.

We will send out information on how to apply by mid June to all Explorer Scouts and to Scout Leaders, and these must be submitted by mid-August.

Further Information on Blair Atholl, including what happened in 2022, can be found at the main website and the Camp Guide.

In the meantime watch out for more information, and decide if you want to apply.

For any further information please contact the District Explorer Scout Administrator on