Help inspire north west Edinburgh's doers and give it a goers of the future.

Together, we help them take a deep breath, ignore the butterflies, and go for it.

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As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encourage our young people to do more, learn more and be more……

Each week, we give over 460,000 young people the opportunity to enjoy fun and adventure while developing the skills they need to succeed.

We’re talking about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have helped Scouts become everything from teachers and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.
I would like to welcome you to the Craigalmond Scout District Web Site.

Craigalmond is situated in the North West of Edinburgh and includes fifteen local Scout Groups, all providing Scouting for boys and girls age 6-14.

The District also caters for young people 15-25 in a number of different locations.
Craigalmond District is one of seven districts within South East Regional Scout Council, which provides a support and development role for each District.

Mark Hesketh – Craigalmond District Commissioner


Scouting is organised into families called Scout Groups, and most Groups have Beaver, Cub and Scout ‘Sections’.

Many also have Explorer Units as well, although these units can exist outside of the Group structure.

Groups are usually known by their number (e.g. 21st) and are also frequently known by their location (e.g. South Queensferry). 

There are Scout Groups all over the area – have a look at the list below, and when you find a Group that you or your child would like to join, just click on the Join link.

Craigalmond District covers the geographical area of Corstorphine, Carrick Knowe, Craigsbank, East Craigs, Saughton, Clermiston, Cramond, Blackhall, Comely Bank, Granton, Davidson’s Mains, Craigleith, Kirkliston, and South Queensferry.

There are Scout Groups all over the area – have a look at the list below, and when you find a Group that you or your child would like to join, just click on the Join link.

Meets in: The Scout Hut, off New Liston Road, Kirkliston (adjacent to Breast Mill House) contact

Beavers Wednesdays 18:30

Cubs  Tuesdays 18:30

Scouts Fridays 18:30

Meets in: Douglas Brown Scout Hall, 31 Corstorphine High Street, Edinburgh, EH12 7SZ  contact

Beavers Fridays 16:30

Cubs Fridays 18:00

Scouts Fridays 19:30

Explorers Fridays 19:30

Meets in: East Craigs Church Centre, Bughtlin Market EH12 8XP contact

Beavers Mondays 18:30

Cubs Mondays 18:45

Scouts Mondays 19:30

Meets in: Nelson Hall, Port Edgar, South Queensferry contact

Beavers Wednesdays 17:30 & Thursdays 17:50

Cubs Wednesdays 18:45 & Thursdays 19:00

Scouts Fridays 19:00

Explorers Fridays 19:30.

Meets in: Blackhall St Columba’s Parish Church contact

Beavers Mondays 18:15 & Fridays 18:00

Cubs Mondays 18:30 & Fridays 18:00

Scouts Fridays 19:30

Explorers Mondays 20:00

Meets in: Craigsbank Parish Church contact

Beavers Fridays 18:15

Cubs Fridays 18:00

Scouts Fridays 19:45

Meets in: Scout Hall, 24 Quality Street Lane, Davidson’s Mains, Edinburgh, EH4 5BU | contact

Beavers Mondays 18:00 & Thursdays 18:00 LARGE WAITING LIST

Cubs Tuesdays 19.15 & and Thursdays 19:15 FULL

Scouts Mondays 19:15 + Wednesdays at 19.15 FULL

Meets in: Scout Hall, 233 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh (Next to the Forestry Commission & Barnardos Scotland.) contact

Beavers Mondays 18:00

Cubs Mondays 19:00

Scouts Fridays 19:30

Meets in: Cramond Kirk Hall | contact

Beavers Mondays 18:15 & Fridays 18:00

Cubs Mondays 18:30 & Fridays 18:00

Scouts Fridays 19:15

Explorers Mondays 19:15

Meets in: Scout Hut, 81 Boswall Parkway | contact

Beavers Tuesdays 18:00 FULL

Cubs Mondays 18:00 FULL

Scouts Mondays 19:30 FULL


Meets in: The John Liddle Scout Hall, 81 Broomhall Avenue, EH12 7NW | contact

Beavers Wednesdays 18:30 & Fridays 18:30

Cubs Mondays 18:30 & Tuesdays 18:30

Scouts Wednesdays 19:45

Explorers Sundays 19:00

Meets in: St Andrew’s (Clermiston) Church contact

Beavers Mondays 18:15

Cubs Mondays 18:30

Scouts Mondays 19:00

Meets in: St Stephen’s Comely Bank Church, East Fettes Avenue

Beavers : Fridays 18:15

Cubs : Fridays 18:00

Scouts : Fridays 19:30

Explorers Mondays 19:30**

Meets in: St Ninians Church, St Ninians Road, EH12 8AW contact

Beavers Fridays 18:00

Cubs Fridays 18:00

Scouts Fridays 19:45

Meets in: The Scout Hall, 54 Saughton Crescent, EH12 5SP contact

Beavers Wednesday 18:15

Cubs Friday 18:15

Scouts Friday 19:45

Meet anywhere and anytime! No fixed abode. Currently no website – although there is an open page which can be searched for on Facebook. join

Meets: Somewhere in Corstorphine any time any place, well maybe if we are not too busy or too tired (it’s an age thing with us SAS’s !!).xxx join

Meets: John Liddle Scout Hall, 81 Broomhall Avenue 1st Sunday of every month 19:00 join

Longcraig ESSU
Longcraig Scout Centre, Dalmeny, EH30 9TD
Explorer Sea Scout Leader: Steve Hankin

Douglas Brown ESU
(Black/White) Corstorphine Old Parish Church Hall, Corstorphine High Street, Edinburgh, EH12 7HD Fridays 19:30 – 21.30 Explorer Scout Leader: Steven McIntyre

South Queensferry ESU
(Green/Yellow border) Nelson Hall, Port Edgar, EH30 9SQ Fridays 19:00 -21.30 Explorer Scout Leader: Mike Sullivan

Cramond ESU
(Mackenzie Tartan) Cramond Kirk Hall, Cramond, EH4 6NS Mondays 19:15 – 21:15 Explorer Scout Leader: Douglas Black

Granton Explorer Unit SPACES
(Blue) Scout Hut, 81 Boswall Parkway EH5 2PW Mondays 19:30 – 21:30 Explorer Scout Leader: Stuart Young

Graeme Allen ESU
(Green/Red border) John Liddle Scout Hall, 81 Broomhall Ave, EH12 7NW Fridays
19:30 – 21.30 Explorer Scout Leader: Ross

Pink Panthers ESU
(Black/Pink Border) St Columba’s Church Hall, Hillhouse Rd., Blackhall, EH4 3QR Mondays
19.45 to 21.30 Explorer Scout Leader: Graham Scrimgeour

Craigalmond Young Leader ESU 71st Craigalmond Scout Group Hall, 233 Corstorphine Road Eh12 7AR Sunday
( monthly- schedule on FB site)
19:00 – 21:00 Explorer Scout Leader: Archie Johnston

If you think Scouting’s just about knots, woggles and big shorts, then be prepared to be surprised. It’s how Richard Branson, Barack Obama and David Beckham got their start in life and you can benefit too.

There are 400,000 young people in Scouting, spread across five sections: Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Explorer Scouts and the Scout Network. Each section has its own balanced programme of activities, badges and awards.

Beavers (6–8)

Beaver Scouts are our youngest members. They usually meet weekly to take part in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, singing, visits and good turns, along with plenty of outdoor activities.

They will also have the opportunity to take part in the fun and excitement of camps and sleepovers. It may be the first time they spend a night away from home so it’s a real adventure for them.

Cubs (8-10½)

A Cub Scout Pack can have up to 36 Cub Scouts and is split into smaller groups called Sixes. Cubs take part in a wide range of activities designed to be interesting and challenging. A Cub Scout meeting consists of games and activities with plenty of time spent outdoors.

Camps and holidays are some of the most memorable events of the year for Cubs.

Scouts (10½–14)

Each Scout Troop consists of small units of six to eight Scouts called a Patrol, usually led by a Patrol Leader. Outdoor activities feature prominently, with the highlight being camping. Throughout the year, Scouts learn various skills, such as map reading, camp cooking and first aid in preparation for camp.

Rock climbing, potholing, gliding, photography and international experiences are just some of the things they get up to.

Explorer Scouts (14–18)

Explorers are encouraged to lead themselves in deciding the programme
and direction of the Unit, with support and guidance from leaders. The section also includes the Young Leaders’ Scheme, where young people are able to take on a leadership role in one of the younger sections.

There is wider scope for activities like offshore sailing, campaigning, performing, parascending, mountaineering and expeditions.

Scout Network (18-25)

Scout Network is the fifth and final section of the Scouting movement. Scout Network members take part in a variety of activities, which they undertake and organise themselves with the support of a Scout Network Leader.

Example activities include abseiling, camping, circus skills, climbing, go-karting, gorge walking, hiking, pioneering and watersports.

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